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Vsop And Xo Armenian Cognac And Brandy A Hit In Russia Where Can You Get It In The Usa

Of all Armenia’s produce, its Cognac is by far its best-known export. Renowned as some of the best brandy on the planet, it was such a big hit with Winston Churchill at the Yalta Conference near the end of WWII when Stalin presented him with some that he requested that several cases were sent to him on a yearly basis. This is an indication of the very high quality of the fine cognac produced in Armenia, along with the fact that over twenty four million bottles are imported every year by Russia alone. So, where can you get it in the USA? Well there are a few sources but worth the search!

Some of the Finest Cognac and Brandy in the World

Armenia has been producing high quality cognacs for over a century. Using only water from a spring in the pristine Ararat valley and the finest white grapes, the spirit is distilled twice before being matured for a minimum of two years in casks of oak. The high quality of the resulting cognac is widely recognized, and has led to more than 75 Grand-Prix medals since its first in 1904.

Copyright Laws are the Difference between Cognac and Brandy

The only difference between Armenian brandy and the Cognac made in the French town of the same name is the location. They are made in the same fashion; double distilled and matured in oaken casks; and graded on a similar scale based on the age of the youngest material in each blend. However, due to French copyright laws designed to protect its interests, Armenian Brandy cannot be sold as cognac in the West, for the same reason that sparkling wine from outside a certain French wine region cannot be sold as Champagne. This takes nothing away from the fine quality of Armenian cognac, which is distilled with water from a single source in Armenia and matured for at least as long, if not longer, than equivalent French grades.

High Quality Fine Cognac and Brandy

Some of the best brandy made in Armenia comes from Samkon, a producer in the Ararat valley, which is home to cognac and brandy makers, particularly the Aradis brand. Aradis has a range of fine cognacs, from VSOP grade up to a 33-year-old XO blend, and has won 20 gold medals at international Armprodecspo exhibitions in the last decade. Their time-honored methods and fine traditional ingredients allow them to produce what has been acclaimed as some of the best brandy and fine cognacs found anywhere.

What Does VS, VSOP, and XO mean when talking Brandy and Cognac?

Armenian brandies are graded, like French cognacs, according to the age of the youngest distillate in the blends. To qualify as a cognac it has to have been matured for a minimum of two years, which qualifies it as VS, or Very Special. Cognacs, which have been aged for at least four years, are accorded the label of Very Special Old Pale, and those, which have been casked for a minimum of 6 years, can be called Extra Old, or XO. However in practice the actual age of a blend will far exceed these minimum standards, with fine brandies aged for twenty years and often longer to create a truly premium product, highly prized by connoisseurs and collectors alike.

Cognac Might Be A Pleasure To Be Savored But Some Mix It Up

Typically, Americans drink brandy and cognac without ice or mixers, at room temperature or slightly warmer.

Brandy snifter glasses tend to be shorter in depth than the typical cognac glass, which is taller, narrow at the top and with a larger bottom area so you can savor the flavor.

Some, however, prefer a classy mix of Cognac and Cointreau with a dash of lemon juice. Known as the sidecar, this cocktail is acknowledged everywhere as a hallmark of sophistication and style.

French tastes tend to lean toward more exotic cocktails. Mixing cognac with fruit juices and other spirits over ice to create an endless variety of delicious and cool tall drinks.

Some prefer cognac mixed with fresh lemonade and is a favorite of many who tried this unusual concoction.

Cognac and Ginger ale – Mix well together too, slowing pour ginger ale into the (Cognac), being careful not to let it foam over the glass

Other highly recommended Cognac mixes contain just orange juice, soda or tonic water, as the pleasing spirit combines well with any of these to form a simple yet elegant after dinner aperitif.

How Do You Get Armenian Brandy and Cognac in the USA?

There are a few distributors in the USA however, if you cannot find it then ask you local merchant if he will contact his distributor and see about importing it so you can have a taste. Believe me it is well worth the effort. Not only does is fit the bill as one of the best brandy and fine cognacs you have ever tasted but the bottling is superb and it makes wonderful gifts for your family, friends, loved ones or that special corporate client.

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