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What Money Is And How To Get It

You know that you need it, but getting your hands on it is not always easy. It goes by many names and takes many shapes and forms but it all amounts to the same thing. It is the reason we drag ourselves out of bed on a morning and work every hour we can, just so we can get our hands on it. What we class as money today is believed to have originated in Egypt over 4,000 years ago. It has since been required to secure every transaction from basic needs to luxury items. It has been in the background of wars and rebellions, marriages and murders and there is no area of our lives that it does not influence.

Uneven Shares

If all of the money in the world were shared equally amongst the population there would be no poverty, no starvation and very possibly no wars. Unfortunately something like that would never happen. You simply have to get used to reaching into your pocket or purse and coming up empty handed, whilst the more affluent throw money away on frivolous and unnecessary items. Of course money is nice to have, but the way that it has been divided between the population is nothing short of sadistic. You probably have less money than you would like, and probably less than you need to be comfortable, in fact being poor is the pits. What you need to know is how to make money.

How To Make Money

Lets make something clear, making money is not easy. But there are some tried and tested methods that you can use.

Steal What You Need: Get what you need, when you need it. No hanging around, no queues and no messy bank statements. Think outside the box on this one, there is more to making money through theft than just robbing your local bank. Think mail fraud, identity theft and other shady schemes to fill your pockets. The only down side to this money making method is the chance that you could be caught and thrown in jail.
Gamble Yourself Rich: Buy a winning lottery ticket, take up professional poker, head to the race track and place your bets wisely. Of course you need some money to start you off in the world of gambling, but the rewards can be incredible when you win. Of course there is the chance that you could lose everything before you get to your big pay out.
Be Lucky: Dig through your attic and find something you consider to be junk, take it to an expert and discover that it is worth a fortune. Find a lottery ticket in the street, check the numbers and discover that its a winner. Enter every competition that you can and reap the rewards.

The thing with luck is that there is no initial cash outlay required, there is no great effort required either. On the down side it is highly unlikely that you will be lucky enough to find an heirloom in your attic. Lets face it, unless you were born into money there is no way that you are ever going to live the high life.

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