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Why I Would Suggest Taking A Grand Canyon Bus Tour From Vegas

It isn’t a vacation to Vegas if you do not go to the Grand Canyon West by tour bus. I recently reserved an extended version of this tour and I was thoroughly happy. Here’s a review of my vacation:

The tour bus operator agreed to pick me up at 7 in the morning. I was fine with that. The roulette tables had been eating me alive. The shuttle was spot on time. I joined the other people for a espresso as well as a Danish and away we went.

The contemporary luxury bus is a wonder of automotive engineering. These kinds of coaches are sleek, $500,000 machines. Mine was equipped with super-comfy seats, personal climate-control stations, a spotless toilet, as well as seven TVs that played a documentary about the West Rim.

Everyone got a pair of earphones. I used mine to listen to a pre-recorded trip narration. It was fascinating. I believed it tremendously enhanced my experience. Other “extras” that I thought mattered had been the fold out seat-arm, food tray, and cup holder. These objects may appear insignificant however I found them very helpful.

The West Rim of the Grand Canyon is 120 miles away from Vegas. Takes about 2.5 hours to get there. The initial part of the drive takes in Lake Mead as well as Hoover Dam. My trip included a a break for photos at the Dam on the Arizona side. It’s remarkable how far the water level has gone down. The view of the new Bypass Bridge is fantastic from here, too.

The last 10 miles of the trip was on a rough dirt road. The coach I was on dealt with it just like a champ. I thought to myself, “I would not want to drive this stretch myself.” I must give credit to our motorist for expertly navigating this segment.

My tour bus excursion included a helicopter ride as well as boat journey. Other options incorporate a chopper other kinds of helicopter rides, Skywalk tickets, as well as a basic ground excursion of the edge.

I switched over to the heli and did the 4,000-foot descent to the bottom. It was extraordinary. I would express it as one enormous canyon carve. At the base, I relished a Champagne lunch. After that I set out on my Grand Canyon pontoon-rafting journey, which turned out to be a totally enjoyable smooth-water float ride down Colorado River.

I rejoined my other bus tourists at the top of the rim. I overheard a couple coming from the U.K. talk about Eagle Point and Guano Point. My seatmate said how amazing the Skywalk was, displaying me a photograph of her “catching air” at the end of it.

Buy your canyon bus trips online. There’s a lot of operators on the market who want your business. Therefore the price wars. In spite of this, make an effort to make sure bundle includes a stop at Hoover Dam. Reserving beforehand should also help ensure you get the very best price.

These Grand Canyon bus trips to the Grand Canyon West continue a half-day. In case you make plans in Vegas for the evening, I advise you push them to 8 p.m. Be conservative on this. I had been extremely pleased with my coach journey. I saw everything as assured and more, and give my encounter a 5-star rating.

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