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World First Roulette Computer Demo To Beat Roulette

On January 31st 2013, a professional Australian gambler publicly demonstrated an electronic device that accurately predicts the winning number from roulette wheel spins. Beating roulette has long been the fascination of the gambling community, and the technology has been subject to speculation as to whether or not the technology is legitimate.

The device is called a roulette computer, although the concept of such electronic predictive devices is not new. In fact, roulette computers have been around for approximately 50 years. However, they are believed to only accurately predict roulette spins from old and physically flawed wheels. This recent demonstration by the Australian professional indicates this is not the case with his technology as the demonstration was conducted on one of the most common roulette wheels used in casinos today.ay.

Typical roulette computers are capable of predicting roulette spin outcomes when the ball has four or so revolutions remaining in the spin. This is approximately 7 seconds before the ball actually falls. In this recent demonstration, highly accurate predictions were produced with over 15 seconds before the ball falls. The overall edge achieved was approximately +28%. Considering that the typical house edge against the player is -2.7%, the exhibited edge of +28% it is extremely high.

The developer of the device operates what appears to be the largest roulette forums on the Internet. He is very well known throughout the roulette community and has been subject to intense criticisms from developers of related technology. His public demonstrations of his roulette computer devices are partially to refute the false allegations about his technology. As such, many similar public demonstrations of his devices have been conducted. The video recording of the latest demonstration is available through a streaming video provider. Links to the recordings of the latest demonstration, and several prior demonstrations are available on the roulettecomputers.com website.

In the prior public demonstration, 15 particular numbers on the wheel were covered for each spin. Approximately 92% of the spins resulted in a win. These predictions were made approximately 13 seconds before the ball actually fell. There were four particular dominant diamonds, on a roulette wheel with eight diamonds which is in contrast to most suitable wheels needing only one dominant diamond. And ivorine ball was used, which is particularly bouncy when compared to Teflon balls that are most often used by casinos. This suggests the demonstrator deliberately chose difficult conditions to demonstrate his technology.

In the demonstration on 31st January 2013, the developers focused the demonstration on the roulette computer’s ability to determine where the ball was at a particular moment in time. This verified that the accuracy of the device was legitimate and not a matter of coincidence or luck. The actual statistical analysis reveals that the chance of the accuracy being due to luck is literally greater than one in a million. However, the developers have specifically stated that not all wheels are beatable with the technology. Specifically he stated that approximately 30% are both beatable and practical to play. In an online discussion about how predictable the wheel actually was, it was widely considered to have an 8/10 difficulty rating, with 5/10 being the average wheel.

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